Just like your name and body features signify your personality; similarly, a business name and logo distinguish a brand and its products or services.

A business company cannot even get established without a proper logo, and it will be difficult to market the offerings of the company. Throughout history, logos have served as a benchmark for various companies and even segments of the market. For example, the two golden arches of Macdonald form the letter ‘M,’ which also symbolizes the company.

Logos are essential in every business industry, whether its food or beverage, electronics, clothes, automotive, aviation, shoes, retail stores, or even social media application. Business logos define the identity of a company or brand and often form the first impression on the minds of consumers.

The Importance of Logo Design Services

In modern times, a good logo is considered one which is not only visually appealing but one that the people can connect or relate to as well.

If you are a young and aspiring entrepreneur looking to start a business, the first steps are making a logo and forming a website. We live in a digital age where you are exposed to loads of information and a series of colorful and vibrant content. Many startup business owners have a particular concept in their minds but may not have the tools to make it a reality.

Fortunately, few quite popular advertising and software agencies offer expert creative logo design services in the USA. For some people, logo design may seem a simple task, but it requires thoughtful consideration, effort, and the use of modern tools.

Studies suggest that it takes almost 10 seconds for a consumer to form a perspective on a particular brand and its logo. To make a logo that leaves a lasting impression, you need more than fancy graphics and flexible style.

You should involve an expert logo design team who knows about the current trends and use innovative tools and software. One should spend adequate time in finalizing the logo as it becomes very difficult for an established company to change its logo.

The 5 reasons why a startup business looks for custom logo design services online are

  1. Unique identity

The logo is a graphical representation and gives a distinctive look to a startup brand. Logos should be simple, versatile, and memorable. Investing in an incredible logo means investing in your company’s future.

  1. Differentiate from competitors

There are several business segments, and each segment features hundreds of different brands. Two brands cannot operate with similar logos as it will be difficult for customers to differentiate the two. In retail and grocery stores, most people tend to recognize the logo before reading the brand name. A creative logo effectively separates one brand from another.

  1. Improves branding

It is quite difficult for any startup company to make inroads even if it has a big budget to spend. There are a plethora of brands, and people only get to know about a new company when marketing is done right. A logo itself is a brilliant advertising tool and will pique the interest of potential customers. A logo can help to deliver the right message about the company and advertise its offerings.

  1. Ensure popularity and boost sales

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers have numerous options and would like to relate to a brand that fulfills their expectations. A logo is a stepping stone that can help to improve lead generation and result in increased sales.

  1. Seek consumer attention

On average, a person comes across numerous brand’s names and logos in a day. Only a creative logo can make a person know about a brand and its offerings. The right balance of style, font, theme, and color can do wonders for a startup company.

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The Key Elements of Logo Design for a Business Company

The essential elements of an authentic logo design are

  • Your Brand

The logo should reflect the values and identity of the brand. If you are starting a business from square one, then few questions you need to consider based on the offerings and target audience are

  • Is the brand sophisticated and for niche category or for average consumer
  • Are the products or services affordable or expensive
  • Style is classic or trendy, youthful or mature
  • Logo Style

Maybe you already have a rough idea for the logo and want to see how it fares on paper. The first thing that a logo designer will determine is whether you want only a logo or want to integrate the company’s name with the logo. The five common logo styles are

  1. Wordmarks

These are text-only logos and quite distinctive in style. For example, many popular companies whose names and logos are the same such as Coca Cola and FedEx. Many experts suggest that for startup companies, wordmarks are the best option to build recognition.

  1. Emblems

Some text inside an icon or design is called an ‘emblem’ and quite complicated to design. Emblems require careful detail and not so common.

  1. Lettermarks

The letter marks are similar to wordmarks, but the focus is on using the initial of the company name. The company name may be long, so initials are taken. For example, P&G (Procter and Gamble), HP (Hewlett Packard), and CNN (Cable News Network).

  1. Brandmarks

It is a well-known fact that icons or symbols are more recognizable than words or letters. One can look at a symbol and connect it with the company. Examples include the iconic apple of the brand Apple, bird of Twitter, and golden arches of Macdonald’s.

  1. Combination marks

The use of both text and symbol is called ‘combination mark.’ A company may want to portray a strong logo and also give a visual impression. For example, Adidas, Sprint. Pizza Hut, and Lacoste.

  • Font

Another vital factor that a logo designer emphasizes is the font shape, style, and size. The popular font types include

  • Serif: Best if you are looking for traditional and classic font style
  • Sans Serif: Mostly preferred as its modern, clean, and subtle
  • Script: A more creative, artsy, and stylish font style
  • Modern: Usually shows style, strength, and progressiveness
  • Display: This style is ideal for getting attention, and the font size is big and bold
  • Color

The most crucial aspect apart from logo design and font style is the color of the logo. Colors are known to instill various feelings and emotions. Usually, a company picks a color that leaves a fascinating impression on the viewer. One-color is also necessary to stay consistent with the overall brand and also help with the advertising and promotional campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Habro is one innovative tech company that can help your company stand out from the crowd with an exclusive and authentic logo design. The company has a tech-savvy design team that delivers alluring and eye-catching logos for companies from various market segments. A fascinating logo is displayed everywhere from the website, product packaging, business cards, and social media pages.

At Habro, we offer affordable logo design services in Chicago that will reflect the goals and values of your brand. We offer cost-effective plans and other value added services such as website design and development, video animation, and mobile applications.

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